Almost 20 years on the market...

Founded in 2004, Tomadex is one of the largest manufacturers of fan accessories in the European Union. We work with licensed entities authorized to distribute Europa League and Champions League memorabilia.

We have also made a strong entry into Major League Soccer (MLS) in the US market, including Canada.

More than 180 qualified employees of Tomadex take care of the highest standard and timeliness of orders processed on our modern machinery park, which consists of:

WE PRODUCE nearly 10,000 scarves per day....

We have at our disposal such machines as lockstitch machines, overlockers, autolap machines, rubber bands, embroidery machines and others. Our fan accessories are of high quality thanks to a rich technological infrastructure.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our sample implementations and contact us. Visualization of your projects is completely free of charge.

sportswear manufacturer

It is also worth mentioning that Tomadex has also been the owner and manufacturer of the KEEZA sportswear brand for 10 years. The brand has recently been conquering the domestic sports market, increasingly boldly entering foreign markets as well. KEEZA manufactures football, volleyball, basketball and many other outfits. The brand’s assortment also includes sports, training and medical bags, balls, or combat sports outfits.

sock zone

Tomadex is also a leading sock manufacturer on the Polish and European markets. Selecting the best quality materials, carefully crafted socks and competitive prices are our hallmark. Our machinery makes the company a self-sufficient unit producing all kinds of socks. You will order from us socks with your own logo, sports socks, casual socks, footwear, socks with club crest, advertising socks, anti-slip socks, as well as many other products.